• Privacy Policy

      Your medical record is a confidential document. It is the policy of this practice to maintain the security of personal health information at all times and to ensure that this information is only available to authorised members of staff.

      Your information (medical or otherwise) will not be released to any persons or company without your written consent.

      The maintenance of privacy requires that any information regarding individual patient, including staff members who may be patients, must not be disclosed in any form (verbally, in writing, electronic forms inside/outside our practice) except for strictly authorised use within the patient care context at our practice or as legally directed.

      Health records are kept on password sensitive computers with the practice network covered by a firewall. All our staff sign confidentiality forms upon commencement of employment. Our policies are in accordance with the RACGP Standards and National Privacy Principles.

    • Appointments

      BRMC offers a flexible appointment system with the ability to accommodate patients with urgent, non-urgent, complex, planned chronic care and preventive health care needs. Please advise our staff of your needs and they will endeavour to accommodate you.

      The day before your scheduled appointment we will send an SMS message reminder. If you are unable to attend your appointment, we would appreciate a “N” return message to your SMS reminder, or a quick phone call to cancel your appointment. This will enable us to give your appointment to another patient.

    • Appointments on-line

      We now offer on-line appointments for our current patient’s convenience. Please see our Home page and follow the prompts. Please read our suggested appointment times to ensure you have allocated enough time for your appointment. If you are unable to find a suitable time or you require an immediate appointment please phone (07) 40516 299 and our receptionists will be able to assist.

      New Patients are welcome, however please phone the surgery to make an appointment.

    • Cancellation policy

      Barrier Reef medical Centre is committed to providing all of our patients with exceptional care. We understand emergencies happen and you may not be able to attend your appointment, however, not cancelling appointments prevents another patient from obtaining much needed treatment. To cancel or change your appointment please phone us on (07) 4051 6299.

      If a patient habitually does not attend a booked appointment, it is the policy of this practice to charge a non-attendance fee equivalent to the consultation time booked. This fee is non-rebatable from medicare.

    • Repeat prescriptions online

      For your convenience, we offer an on-line repeat prescription service. Your information is sent via a SSL certificate that ensures your personal information is encrypted in accordance with the National Privacy Principles and the RACGP standards on confidentiality of health information. Please go to our Home page and follow the links.

    • Repeat prescription requests

      If ringing to order a repeat script please call after 11:00am, especially on Monday mornings. Please allow 24 hours for all script requests. Repeat scripts will be issued only if the original was issued at this surgery and the patient has been seen at this surgery in the last six months. Our Doctors reserve the right to refuse to issue a script without an appointment. Scripts (without an appointment) cost $15.00 per page or $20.00 for two or more pages.

    • Health information for patients

      Our practice has a range of posters, leaflets, brochures and books about health issues. Please ask our staff and they will be happy to help you to receive the most relevant, up to date information regarding your health issue.

    • After hours care

      We offer an after hours service where a Doctor will be on hand to take your call. Please phone the surgery on (07) 4051 6299 for the after hours number, as well as applicable fees.

    • Telephone access

      GPs in the practice may be contacted during normal opening hours for emergencies only. A message will be taken and the Doctor will attempt to return your call during the day. In an emergency, our nurses are available for advice if the GP is unavailable.

      To enable us to provide a good service and not waste your time, we would ask if you are ringing to order a repeat script, please call after 11:00am, especially on Monday mornings. If ringing for your pathology or radiology results, please ring after 1:30pm each day. This allows the Doctor to receive and action your results during the morning.

    • Results

      It is the patient’s responsibility to follow up on test results. Your Doctor will advise when your results are expected to arrive at the practice. Please call the surgery after 1:30pm weekdays and our reception staff will advise if you further action is needed. If the Doctor has already asked you to return for results, please make an appointment, since the reason you will have been asked to return is that further discussion and follow up will be required no matter what the results are. This cannot be done over the phone.

    • Interpreter services

      Dr Morice is fluent in Spanish. Barrier Reef Medical Centre will provide, if necessary, an interpreter to help if a patient has difficulty understanding. Please advise our reception staff when making your appointment if you require an interpreter. Another friend or family member may also act as interpreter if their English language skills are good. A longer appointment may be required.

    • Excisions

      Prior to booking an excision, a Doctor needs to be consulted. The Doctor will explain the procedure and advise the appropriate amount of time needed. This service will attract a treatment room fee depending on the amount of equipment used, and therefore cannot be bulk billed, though discounts apply for Healthcare cardholders.

    • Parking

      Our purpose-built premises have 28 on-site car parks with 10 street parks offering ease of access for all patients with disable parking, ramps and automatic opening doors.

    • Referrals

      Medicare rules state that back dated referrals are illegal. As such, please ensure your referrals are current before you visit your specialist, or Medicare will not refund your eligible rebate. Phone calls from a Specialist surgery asking for a referral to be faxed on the day, due to a referral being left at home or lost, will incur a $20.00 fee. This fee covers the time and duplication of work.

    • Allied health referrals

      Referrals to allied health practitioners require a Health Care Plan to be done prior to seeing a Therapist. Health Care Plans are for persons who have a chronic illness. The referral is to be appropriate to the patient’s chronic illness. Health Care Plans cannot be back dated and need to be done in a consultation with a Doctor. Please notify the reception staff if you are booking in for a Health Care Plan so enough time can be left in the consultation to do the extensive paperwork involved.

    • Nursing home policy

      The Doctors at BRMC will only accept nursing home patients who are currently patients at this Practice. Depending on the circumstances, they may accept family members of current patients. The Doctors at BRMC visit specific nursing homes so the care of the patient may be done by one of our doctors, not necessarily the Doctor who has usually been caring for the patient prior to admission to a nursing home.

    • Home visits

      For the elderly or disabled patients who are incapable of visiting the surgery, arrangements can be made with your current Doctor for a home visit. This is at your Doctor’s discretion and may not be available immediately. An out of pocket expense may be incurred by a home visit.

    • Out of consultation requests

      Due to the increasing demand on Doctors time, our Doctors are unable to complete paperwork outside of a consultation. Please phone for an appointment of the appropriate length of time. The following fees will be charged before collection of said paperwork. This applies to Insurance paperwork, Superannuation, Legal Matters, Centrelink forms, Uni and Gym Memberships, etc.

      Referrals/Letters/Forms: 1 week notice – $20.00 + copy fee for extra pages
      Copies of Results: 24 hours notice – $10.00 + copy fee per page

    • Travel vaccinations

      All patients must see a Doctor at Barrier Reef Medical Centre before receiving any travel vaccinations. All vaccines are stored on site so a script is not necessary. Vaccinations can be done immediately (in most cases). BRMC is a registered Yellow Fever centre as well as a registered Q Fever centre.

    • Continuity of care

      It is in your best interest to have a regular General Practitioner. It is very important to see and speak to the same Doctor to follow through on a problem. When a Doctor leaves for a break, or leaves the Practice, a ‘handing over’ of patients to another Doctor within the practice occurs, so any patient that has a complex problem, or is in the middle of treatment for such problem/s, can be reassured that a Doctor at this Practice will follow through. All Doctors in the Practice have access to your records, so if you cannot see your usual Doctor, it is advisable to see another Doctor within this Practice for continuity of care.

    • Emails

      BRMC does not accept emails as a legal form of contact. Any emails received regarding medical symptoms or conditions will be answered with, “Please make an appointment at your earliest convenience.”

    • Patient confidentiality

      Your medical record is a confidential document. This practice is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of your personal health information at all times and to ensure that this information is only available to authorised members of staff. Your information (medical or otherwise) will not be released to any persons or company without your written consent.

    • Ownership of medical records

      Barrier Reef Medical Centre owns your medical records. They are our records about you. We will endeavour to assist patients in granting access where possible and according to the privacy legislation. All requests for medical records are evaluated by our Doctors and it is at their discretion that they may be released. With your consent, a summary of your file can also be uploaded to your “My Health Record”.

    • Staff policy

      We value our staff who have a very difficult task juggling the needs of Doctors, patients and ringing phones. Your patience is appreciated. As employers, we are obligated to provide a safe workplace for our staff. Patients who verbally abuse or threaten our staff will be asked to leave the Practice and seek their care elsewhere.

    • Complaints and suggestions

      We constantly strive to give you the best possible care and attention. We value your feedback, however please ask to see the Practice Manager regarding any concerns, which will be fully investigated and the appropriate action taken. To enable us to give our patients the very best possible care and to allow our Doctors to implement “Best Practice” guidelines, we thank you for your support in these matters.


Barrier Reef Medical Centre will endeavour, through attention to you as an individual and continuing staff development, to provide cost effective, quality medical care in a compassionate and holistic manner throughout life.


Barrier Reef Medical Centre is a private billing practice.

  • Consultations are by appointment.
  • Children 15 years old and younger will be bulk billed.
  • We schedule fifteen minutes per standard consultation.

Should you wish to discuss several issues, please inform reception that you will need a longer consultation when booking your appointment. This helps ensure that your needs are met as well as minimising waiting time for other people.


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